Discover our paragliding flights above Annecy lake!

A paragliding tandem flight is available to all people, from kids to grandparents, with no age or weight limit. It’s only a question of will!

Depending on the aerological conditions we take off from the Col de la Forclaz or on the heights of Talloires (next to Acro’aventures) for a magical flight, in a unique landscape, between the lake and the mountains.

Choose your flight according to your desires: a paragliding discovery flight, a thermal flight, a flight with strong sensations or an cross-country flight.

  • 20-25 min of flight

110 €

  • 30-45 min of flight

140 €

Option photos and videos 25 €

You receive an SD card with your photos and videos of the flight taken by a gopro


You want to give a gift to a friend, a family member, or someone close to you to discover tandem paragliding in Annecy ? Just go to our Gift Vouchers page and chose the type of paragliding tandem flight you wish. You can pay online and a Gift Voucher will be delivered to you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, we are here to answer all your requests.


Also called “the blue lake”, Annecy lake is known to be one of the cleanest lakes in the world, with a lower nitrate than bottled spring waters.

The lake is of glacier origin. It was formed 30,000 years ago, with the melting of the great glaciers. With 6 ° C in winter and 22 ° C in summer, it tempers the mountain climate and prevents extreme temperatures. It is the ideal place to refresh after a “paragliding jump”.

Experience your paragliding flight in tandem over the lake of Annecy!

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